First Popup

The first pop-up event, initially planned as a solo venture in a two-bedroom apartment in Euless, Texas, evolved into a collaborative showcase for four friends' businesses. With less than ten close friends attending and promotion mainly through Instagram, we pulled off a successful event with minimal effort in less than two days. This moment marked the exciting beginning of our journey, leading to the creation of our vibrant community.


Then the second pop-up event happened..  


DesiDiva states

As a newly established small business owner, I felt immense gratitude for participating in the Entreprenaari event. This opportunity granted me invaluable firsthand experience in customer interactions and networking with fellow startup owners.

Choriko expressed

Being a first-time participant, the event provided me with invaluable insights. The exceptional support and engagement from attendees contributed significantly to its undeniable success. It was a truly inspiring and enlightening milestone in my entrepreneurial journey.

Sitara shared

From meticulously arranging my booth to engaging with customers and setting competitive prices strategically, the event offered valuable lessons. We learned what works and what doesn’t, and identified trends that resonate with customers. The pop-up served as an eye-opener, and we're prepared to refine our approach for future success.

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